Collaborative Research

Organizations Leaders Departments Theme
Kyoto University Sadao Kurohashi,
Daisuke Kawahara
Graduate School of Informatics Research and Development of Fundamental Language Processing Technologies on Mobile Environments
Tokyo Instituted of Technology Masamichi Shimosaka Deparment of Computer Science, Schoold of Information Science and Engineering Context Data Analysis
National Institute of Informatics Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi Principles of Informatics Research Division Web data analysis by large graph processing
University of Tsukuba Atsuyuki Morishima Research Center for Knowledge Communities Crowdsourcing
Waseda University Sakai Tetsuya Department of Computer Science and Engineering Evaluation methodologies for information access technologies
University of Primorska Iztok Savnik FAMNIT Research and Development of Large-Scale RDF Storage Managers
The University of Tokyo Rie Yamaguchi Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Next Generation Techniques in Personal Authentication
Kyoto University Hisashi Kashima Department of Intelligence Science and Technology Modeling User Interests and Intent from Various Data
The University of Tokyo Yoshihide Sekimoto Institute of Industrial Science Human Behavior Analysis with Users' Location Data
Nara Institute of Science and Technology Hirohiko Suwa <Graduate School of Information Science Ubiquitous Computing Systems laboratory,  Analysis of Finance Data
The University of Tokyo Issei Sato Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Application of Machine Learning to Big Data/Crowdsourcing
Ritsumeikan University Nobuhiko Nishio Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering Indoor Location Analysis and Service
The University of Tokyo Kiyoshi Izumi Department of Systems Innovation Analysis of Stock Bulletin Boards Data with Machine Learning approach
Keio University Tadashi Okoshi Graduate School of Media and Governance User Attention-aware Adaptation in Ubiquitous Computing
Nagoya University Hiroo Uchida Department of Pediatric Surgery, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine Analysis of web search queries toward early detection of pediatric surgical disease
Kyoto University Masatohi Yoshikawa Graduate School of Informatics Trustworthiness Evaluation of UGC Data
NAIST Eiji Aramaki Social Computing Lab. Big data and crowdsourcing in interdisciplinary field
Kyusyu University Katsuki Fujisawa Instite of Mathmatics for Industry Graph Analysis and Optimization for Processing of Big Data on Super Computer
The University of Tokyo Ryosuke Shibasaki Center for Spatial Information Science, the Univ. of Tokyo Heterogeneous Mobile Phone User Log Data Analysis
Tokyo Instituted of Technology Manabu Okumura Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology Study of applying text summarization techniques to real services
Meiji University Takanori Komatsu, Satoshi Nakamura, Homei Miyashita Department of Frontier Media Science Empirical analysis of methods for improving perceptual speed when using web-based services
Keio University Mayumi Mochizuki Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmacovigilance by UGC data analyses
The University of Tokyo Yoshihiro Kawahara Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Usable technologies on security by printed electronics
NAIST Eiji Aramaki Social Computing Lab. Pharmacovigilance by UGC data mining
Center for Language and Speech Processing
SHIGA UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE Kazuya Taira Department of public health and nursing Study of public medical/health information needs by search service data

Listed in chronological order.