Fix and Slide: Caret Navigation with Movable Background

Kenji Suzuki, Kazumasa Okabe, Ryuuki Sakamoto, Daisuke Sakamoto(The University of Tokyo)

UIST2015 Poster (28th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium), 2015/11 pp.79-80



We present a "Fix and Slide" technique, which is a concept to use a movable background to place a caret insertion point and to select text on a mobile device. Standard approach to select text on the mobile devices is touching to the text where a user wants to select, and sometimes pop-up menu is displayed and s/he choose ?select? mode and then start to specify an area to be selected. A big problem is that the user?s finger hides the area to select; this is called a "fat finger problem." We use the movable background to navigate a caret. First a user places a caret by tapping on a screen and then moves the background by touching and dragging on a screen. In this situation, the caret is fixed on the screen so that the user can move the background to navigate the caret where the user wants to move the caret. We implement the Fix and Slide technique on iOS device (iPhone) to demonstrate the impact of this text selection technique on small mobile devices.

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