Extrinsic Camera Parameters Estimation from Arbitrary Co-planar Circles

Ding Chen(Shinichi Higashino), Ryuuki Sakamoto, Qian Chen (Wakayama University), Haiyuan Wu (Wakayama University)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2014, 2014/12


Image Processing HCI

Projective properties of circular features have been widely researched as solutions for camera calibration in computer vision applications. Comparing to these researches, Chen et al. proposed a convenient method to estimate the camera position and direction from a single image of two co-planar circles [Chen et al. 2004]. This method, however, requires the equal distance between the camera position and each center of the two circles. This required conditions are not always available in everyday scenes thus the practical use is strictly limited. To extend this method for using in everyday scenes, we proposed an algorithm to estimate extrinsic camera parameters with arbitrary co-planar circles.

Extrinsic Camera Parameters Estimation from Arbitrary Co-planar Circles(PDF 7.6MB)