A Distributed Query Execution Method for RDF Storage Managers

Kiyoshi Nitta, Iztok Savnik(University of Primorska & Jozef Stefan Institute)

10th International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (SSWS2014), 2014/10, No. 1261.


Semantic Web

A distributed query execution method for Resource Description Framework(RDF) storage managers is proposed. Method is intended for use with an RDF storage manager called big3store to enable it to perform efficient query ex- ecution over large-scale RDF data sets. The storage manager converts SPARQL queries into tree structures using RDF algebra formalism. The nodes of those tree structures are represented by independent processes that execute the query au- tonomously and in a highly parallel manner by sending asynchronous messages to each other. The proposed data and query distribution method decreases the amount of inter-server messages during query executions by use of the semantic properties of RDF data sets.

A Distributed Query Execution Method for RDF Storage Managers(PDF 168KB)