『Yahoo! JAPAN研究所 創設10周年記念 論文集』を刊行しました
Announcing publication of the "Yahoo! JAPAN Research 10th Anniversary Bulletin".

Yahoo! JAPAN研究所は平成29年4月をもちまして、お陰様で創設10周年を迎えます。これを記念しまして、論文集を刊行するはこびとなりました。


Yahoo! JAPAN研究所 所長 田島 玲

In April 2017, Yahoo! JAPAN Research celebrated 10 years since its founding. In honor of this occasion, we have published a collection of papers.
In the web industry, R&D and service are closely linked. Yahoo! JAPAN in particular aims to achieve results that only we can, thanks to our multitude of services, and toward that end we have collaborated with many people. This collection presents those results.
We hope you’ll take a little time to peruse it, and we look forward to your continued support.

Download the Bulletin here.

Akira Tajima, Head of Yahoo! JAPAN Research